Everything started in 2008. Bridge of arts’s fence is the support of thousands of padlocks hung by many lovers.

This practice became a true tradition for every couple who visited Paris. The Bridge of Arts became a true sanctuary of love… But it wasn’t without risk.

Faced with the infatuation for this tradition, the weight of the thousands of padlocks really threatened the bridge, approaching the weight of 65 tons.

Unfortunately these 65 tons of padlocks threatened the bridge. Thus, their appearances are considered particularly as unsightly by some residents. This high risk situation has led the local residents to summon the Paris City Hall to remove the padlocks in september 2014.

Thereaftter, the fences will be permanently removed on June 1, 2015, first replaced by a temporary exhibition of Street Art works, then by glass panels from the fall of 2015. This will mark the end of this beautiful tradition… Some lovers and nostalgic people will not hesitate to express their dissatisfaction by tagging the new glass panels with explicit messages as shown in the photo below.

Henceforth, this tradition will still be possible for you, thanks to your website cadenasdelamour.com

So, be in love and prove it ! Seal YOUR love with YOUR padlock!

Bridge of Arts, PARIS