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Love locks have been the indestructible symbol of love for decades. We decided to associate this strong symbol with the love and support we give to all our caregivers, doctors and all those heroes in white coats. They fight every day for our own lives, sometimes even risking their own. We know that they lack the means and that is why we have decided to donate 50% of our profits to the Hospitals’ profits.

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Bridge of Arts is threatened to collapse because of the weight of LOVE, represented by 65 tons of padlocks sealed on it… cadenasdelamour.com website allows you to perpetuate this romantic tradition worldwide. If this tradition is such a great symbol of love, we hope that it will also be a symbol of the love that everyone has for their caregivers.

Your padlock will symbolize the love you have for the one you love.

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We want your padlock to have the same meaning for you as those that were sealed on the arts bridge!

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